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Wandsworth Health Involvement Zone (WHIZ) will be at Asda Shopping Centre in Roehampton in February giving out information about your local NHS

  • Would you like to know what the Clinical Commissioning Group do?
  • Would you like to get involved in local decision making in the NHS?
  • Do you know what health services are available to you?
  • ​This month our Roadshow will be focusing on COPD

    Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) describes a group of lung conditions (diseases) that make it difficult to empty the air out of the lungs. This difficulty can lead to shortness of breath (also called breathlessness) or the feeling of being tired. COPD is a word that can be used to describe a person with chronic bronchitis, emphysema or a combination of these. COPD is a different condition from asthma, but it can be difficult to distinguish between COPD and chronic asthma.

    WHIZ panel.JPG ​