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​Don’t just go to A and E​

Your local Accident and Emergency (A&E) department is under severe pressure because too many people turn up for treatment when it’s not a serious emergency. To help raise awareness, the ‘Don’t go to A&E’ campaign is being rolled out across Wandsworth for a second year.
The campaign, which is taking place across south London, will remind local people that A&E is not for common health problems associated with the colder weather, like coughs and colds but for serious emergencies like loss of consciousness. NHS Wandsworth CCG is advising people to call 111 if they are not sure where to go for medical help.
Dr Angelique Edwards, local GP and lead doctor for urgent care in Wandsworth, says: “Hospitals are very busy places all year round. Every day doctors and nurses who specialise in life-threatening illnesses spend their time dealing with people who have coughs, back ache, diarrhoea and other minor illnesses.
"If you’re feeling unwell and don’t know where to turn, don’t worry.  NHS 111 can provide expert advice on where to go to get the right treatment, including self-care at home, pharmacies, your GP and urgent care centres. They will arrange for you to talk to a GP and get an appointment with one if you need it. You can call 111 even if you aren't registered with a GP."
There are doctors available in Wandsworth, evenings, weekends and bank holidays.
So phone 111 before you leave home. 
You can also visit to find out about local services.