Dr Nicola Jones is Clinical Chair for

Wandsworth CCG and a local GP

working in Earlsfield

​Salaried GPs


In March we ran an event for salaried GPs to tell them about the CCG, what it does, what our plans are, how we commission now and how all GPs can get involved. This was a warts and all event to get all GPs in the borough involved in our work!

GP practices are run by GPs either alone or in partnerships. They are fully involved in the running of the practice and a lot of them are already involved with the commissioning work at the CCG. They also look after their patients!

The practice can then employ other GPs, called salaried GPs. In Wandsworth half of all our GPs are salaried in a GP practice. Quite often (but not always!) they might be a younger workforce who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of experience in commissioning but they do know a lot about patients and primary care.

In Wandsworth we take our new way of working and involving all our members (all 43 GP practices in Wandsworth) very seriously. We want to capture the knowledge and harness the enthusiasm of all our GPs and give those that are interested an opportunity to be more involved in commissioning.

I invited two local GPs that are involved in commissioning already to come and tell them what is really involved in commissioning a service. Dr Simon Mills is the clinical chair for our 111 and out of hours clinical reference group and Dr Anita Ray-Chowdhuryis the Battersea GP Pathway GP for children’s services and for diabetes.

They talked about how at first they felt out of place in commissioning meetings but then realised that they did have a huge contribution to make and they were really making a difference to commissioning by bringing the patient and front line service views.

Getting involved as a clinical lead isn’t for everyone but there are many different ways our GPs can support commissioning in Wandsworth. Commissioning decisions are made by every GP every day. Whenever a GP refers or prescribes, this is a micro-commissioning decision. Commissioning at CCG level allows those decisions to be taken on a bigger scale, impacting on the population of the borough.