Today I visited SHARE Community Ltd in Battersea. They are a self-help association for rehabilitation and employment for people with disabilities. SHARE Community helps disabled people across London in Wandsworth to reach their potential and achieve their life goals through training, education, employment guidance and personal development.

Many of their clients have a personal budget and choose to use this fund to access services at SHARE. The opportunities on offer include life skills, training in the use of technology, horticulture, and food hygiene. SHARE offers mentoring and support which helps individuals to achieve their own personal goals and reach their potential.

SHARE is launching a social enterprise which provides catering for events, so if you have an event coming up that has catering requirements, give them a try! It was an uplifting experience, to see people so busy and motivated to learn and improve.
 You can find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/SHARECommunity