​Place2Be in Wandsworth


I recently visited Place2Be at Eardley Primary School where Head Teacher Andy Marks and project manager Kate Trench showed me around the facilities and explained what the service provides.

Place2Be is an integrated schools-based service which offers swift access to counselling and support. It is aimed at children who have emotional issues and behaviour impedes their learning and is disruptive for other children and difficult for staff.

There is also a safe place for children to use to talk either individually or in groups to work through issues and problems, small and large. The impact is monitored and the evidence shows that the children have improved emotional and social well-being and better academic attainment and progress. I was struck by the calm, positive environment and the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff.

A dozen other schools in Wandsworth have a Place2Be as well and GPs could keep this in mind when children and families present with emotional difficulties that are resulting in behavioural issues in school. For more information visit Place2Be