​Make a Difference Feedback Form


The Francis report has been high on the agenda for the CCG since it was published. It’s really important that as commissioners we understand the experience that our patients have when they use the local hospitals and community services that we commission.

I wanted to set up a simple process so GPs can give us feedback from their patients about issues they are experiencing in acute, community or other commissioned services.

In response to this need, the Make a Difference feedback form has been created for GPs and other healthcare professionals to flag any concerns, issues, or good practice about services to the CCG, so we can make sure we are commissioning the best possible services for our patients.

A visit to your local GP often is rich with feedback. We hear every day about out-patient appointments, experiences of care during admissions, how a surgical procedure went, and we gain many insights into the quality of care that our patients receive. I want to make sure that we can harness that information and spot services that could be improved, and issues that could be resolved. This will enable us to commission better care for our patients.

It takes just a minute to fill in the simple form and it can be done by GPs, nurses, other healthcare professionals and practice staff.

This is a really simple way that GPs can make a big difference to the services patients receive – the services that our CCG commissions. I’m looking forward to reporting back to you on the impact of this initiative.

For more information on Make a Difference and a copy of the form click