February 2016 Governing Body meeting​


Chat from the Chair

We had some really important decisions to make at our February meeting and there was some challenging and helpful discussion.

But first, and sadly for us, we noted that Dr Pete Ilves will be stepping down from his role as west Wandsworth clinical lead and Hardev Virdee, our Chief Finance Officer will be leaving for a new role at Central and North West London Foundation Trust. We will see them one more time at our Board meeting in March and we are recruiting for both roles. We wish Pete and Hardev all the best for their future plans.

Clinical focus on Community Adult Health Services

Rebecca Wellburn our commissioning and planning director described a very detailed piece of work on the quality of and risks around current community adult health service provision. We were considering the risks and benefits of staying with the current model for the next 18 months.

Rebecca's team had looked at particular areas that the Board had been concerned about when we last discussed this in July. Board members wanted to know how the CCG will monitor the contract and make sure that services meet the required standards. Rachel was able to confirm that regular meetings look at quality, performance and communications between services. Patient experience is measured through in-depth interviews about their experience of care plus the Friends and Family Test and quality alerts.

The Board decided to extend the contract for 18 months as this fits with our timeline for development of our new multi-specialty community provider model of care and in the meantime we will continue to closely monitor the contract and the care being provided.

Operational focus on performance and assurance

Sean Morgan, our director of corporate affairs, performance and quality, presented the latest performance reports for the CCG and for St George's NHS Foundation Trust. He reported that all the planning that went into preparing for Christmas and New Year resulted in the 4 hour wait being achieved over that period. But there is a lot of work needed to manage the pressures on St George's to help free up capacity for the number of patients who need to be seen in hospital. We heard how the CCG is working closely with St George's to try to tackle some of the problems in the system.

We talked about what is most important in terms of impact on patient care and outcomes and about how well the system is working as a whole. The Board recognised that there has been a clear improvement from six months ago and thanked everyone involved, but noted that there is still much to address.

Graham, our Chief Officer, also reflected on some positive performance news. Wandsworth CCG was in the top three performing CCGs in London for the 2014/15 Quality Premium, achieving all the quality measures and receiving an additional £841,000 non-recurrent funding to invest in patient care.

Primary care commissioning

We made a very important decision to continue with our approach in taking on Delegated Commissioning of primary medical services from April 2016. This will mean that we take responsibility for commissioning services provided by practices for Wandsworth registered patients.  NHS England currently commissions these services. This is a decision which is not without risk, and the Board has carefully considered the due diligence report in the making of this decision. We are grateful to member practices for their input, challenge and support which has led to the decision being made.

Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) in Wandsworth

Lucie Waters our chief of commissioning operations described what personal health budgets are and how they work.  

Individuals who have been assessed as eligible for NHS continuing health care (CHC) funding have had a statutory 'right to have' a personal health budget including direct payment since October 2014. CCGs are now also required to develop plans to extend PHBs to people with learning disabilities and other groups.


We will be working with local GPs, service users, carers and stakeholders to identify which group(s) will be prioritised for personal health budgets from April 2017. 

You can find out more about PHBs on NHS England's website.

All of the papers and the film of the live stream of this board meeting are available on the Our Board section of this website.


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