​Bridging The Gap on 18 April at St George’s Hospital


Just recently, I spoke about our plans to help improve the management of patients with long term conditions at Bridging the Gap. This is an event held about four times a year at St George's Hospital with local GPs, St George's clinicians and senior managers and CCG colleagues.

This recent event had the theme of integration. With more people living longer and with more conditions, the NHS needs to make sure that prevention and care planning are high on the agenda.

Our local GPs are working on a care planning approach so that they spend extra time with our most vulnerable patients, making sure they have the best opportunities to manage their own health, that the care of their conditions is well organised, and that if the worst happens and their health deteriorates, that services can respond rapidly to make sure they get the care they need.

We are working closely with neighbouring CCGs, with social services and with St George's community services to make sure that care is properly integrated and available for each person who needs it.

Read about our Planning All Care Together (PACT) programme here