​Better Services Better Value


We had an extra meeting of our Board on 8 May to discuss the next steps in the Better Services Better value process www.bsbv.swlondon.nhs.uk. A lot of the work behind the scenes that has been going on for the past two years is starting to come to fruition and we are now looking at taking this work out to public consultation once all the CCG boards agree. All of the work that has been done by clinicians involving members of the public is published in a 700 page document called the pre consultation business case which is published on the BSBV website.

Our Board had a presentation from Dr Marilyn Plant and Charlotte Joll, BSBV Programme Director about why we need to make changes to services in south west London and the options in the pre consultation business case.

The preferred option would mean that St George’s Hospital would be the major acute teaching hospital for south west London, Croydon and Kingston would be major acute hospitals, Epsom would become a local hospital with an elective centre (for planned medical procedures) and St Helier would be a local hospital. No decisions have been made yet.

We discussed some concerns about the affect the changes would have on St George’s. It’s very important for us as a Board to make sure that there isn’t any negative effect on Wandsworth residents. However, there is a lot of work being done around looking after people outside of hospital also.

The next steps are that myself, Graham, our Chief Officer, and Stephen Hickey, our lay member on the Board for governance, will attend the Local Committee of CCGs to make the decision about going to formal public consultation. This won't be until after the summer now.