Pharmacies are places where you can get expert knowledge on medicines, how they work and how you should use them.

​Why visit your pharmacist?

​Pharmacists are able to offer advice about minor ailments, such as coughs, colds, cold sores and general aches and pains. 
Pharmacists are also well trained to offer advice and support on other health issues such as weight loss, giving up smoking and emergency contraception. 

How do I find a pharmacist in Wandsworth?

​A full list of pharmacies in Wandsworth is available by going to Pharmacies in Wandsworth on the NHS Choices website.

Can I walk in and see a pharmacist?

​Yes, you don't need an appointment to see a pharmacist and can consult them in confidence so there's no need to queue at your GP if you need advice about your health.

What are the prescription charges?

​As of April 1 2014 the current prescription charge is £8.05. However if you get regular prescriptions you may want to get a Prescription Prepayment Certificate. Find out more here NHS Choices.  

How do I find a pharmacy out of hours?

Call 111 or visit the NHS Choices​ website.