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W​ands​worth Clinical Commissioning Group currently commissions a GP Carers' Locally Enhanced Service (LES).

What is a LES?

A LES is a set of locally defined guidelines for primary care, which operate outside of the core contract to ensure delivery of a specialised service to a specific patient/care group.

The Carers LES operates at each of the 42 GP practices in the borough. Carers should be encouraged to inform their GPs of their caring responsibilities so they can take advantage of the available support.

What are GP practices required to do?

1. Maintain a Carers' register​

Develop and maintain (update monthly) a register of all patients identified as carers within the Practice.

2. Offer Flexible appointments for carers

Each carer identified by the practice will have an alert embedded into their EMIS record (IT system used by GP practices) so that every time the records are accessed EMIS will notify staff that the patient requires flexibility.

3.  Offer a 30 minute consultation to carers

During the consultation carers will undergo a review of their caring circumstances, a health check and an emotional wellbeing assessment. The GP will also ensure that treatment/reviews for any health condition they have are up to date. This consultation will take place on an annual basis.

4. Signposting and referrals

GPs will be required to offer each carer a referral to the Wandsworth Carers' Centre, and refer and signpost to other relevant services (healthcare, social care and community) based on the outcome of their consultation.

Let your GP know if you provide care and support to a friend, neighbour or relative so they can provide you with the support you might need to take care of your own health too.

Resources for Carers

  • ​The Wandsworth Carers Centre provides a wide range of free services for local Carers. To find out more visit the Wandsworth Carers Centre​ website
  • ​To find out how Wandsworth Council can support you in your caring role please visit their Carers ​​web page
  • Crossroads South Thames provides regular home based respite services to carers. To find out more about how Crossroads can h​elp you please download the Crossroads Carers leaflet 
  • The Wandsworth Carers Guide provides information about services that support carers in Wandsworth.You can download the guide

 Further Information


Wandsworth Carers Guide 2013.pdf
Wandsworth Crossroads Carer Leaflet 2013.pdf