End of life care

End of life care in Wandsworth is provided by the Wandsworth End of Life Care Coordination Service, based at Royal Trinity Hospice, following a successful three year pilot between 2014-2017.  

Operating 8 am to 8 pm every day of the year, the service receives over 100 referrals a month and coordinates care at home for patients known to have advanced incurable illness.  It acts as a single point of contact – everyone can call in for advice, information and support – patients, family members, carers, concerned friends or neighbours, as well as GPs and all health care professionals engaged in caring for patients with end of life care needs at home.

The contact phone number is 0300 3000 116

The service coordinates the delivery of care from health and social care providers, facilitates communications between the various agencies involved and is also able to create a care plan to guide the out of hours services. As care needs change, service staff can arrange extra levels of support and care, for equipment to be delivered to the home and for visits from the Marie Curie planned night service. 

The service is based on respecting patient choice, taking account of people's wishes for their future care, their personal, cultural and spiritual preferences. It aims to provide excellent, individualised care at the end of life which is easy to access. In the past year, 78% of people known to the service have been enabled to die in their place of choice, out of hospital either at home or in the hospice. 

Community pharmacists

The Community Pharmacy End of Life Coordination Engagement Project is a new service launching in 2018.  Six community pharmacies from across Wandsworth borough have been recruited to ensure there is a reliable and convenient supply of a wide range of end of life care (EoLC) medications, in extended working hours.  The aim is to maximise access to and availability of EoLC drugs across Wandsworth, to ensure that symptoms can be well managed in the home and that people are comfortable at all times in their final days, if they have chosen to die at home.