Productive PPI

All 40 of our GP member practices provide input into how the CCG commissions services. To strengthen this involvement, the Public Involvement Clinical Lead held a workshop for primary care staff to gather their experiences of doing patient and public involvement. Responses from the workshop highlighted several positive and negative aspects of involving patients and the public. From this feedback, a plan has been developed for General Practice called Productive Patient and Public Involvement. Here, staff members are encouraged to consider the patients' perspective of accessing healthcare, with the question 'what is it like for you to experience the service that I am giving you at this moment in time?'

The Productive PPI plan adopts a whole practice approach to PPI, bringing together activity e.g. patient participation groups, implementation of the Accessible Information Standard and the practice's community and seldom heard group visits.

Practices are asked to consider people on their registered list who would find it more difficult than most people to access their services. They are then asked to choose one of these groups and ask them about their experiences with the practice, in the form of a patient journey questionnaire. White boards have been introduced to GP Practices for their use in their waiting rooms. These boards encourage people to complete the questionnaires. 

Commissioners also ask questions about local health services to inform plans. To date, questionnaires on falls and diabetes have been shared in practices. Read more about the impact of the falls and diabetes questionnaires in our PPI annual report

Community and seldom heard group visits

Through the Productive PPI programme, we continue to connect GPs to local voluntary and community groups through the Community and Seldom Heard group visits programme.  

Each surgery is asked to send a GP to a local community organisation of their choice to learn about the work they do, the community they serve and some challenges they face. This has enlightened GPs about how the voluntary sector works and has developed a better understanding of some of the issues being faced by local people.

This has been identified as a core KPI in the PMS and GMS GP contract for Wandsworth GPs.

Between March 2018 and March 2019, GPs have visited organisations including St Pauls Cancer Centre, Wandsworth Carers Centre, Thrive Gardening project (supporting those with learning disabilities), Katherine Low Project (supporting older people) and Thomas Pocklington (supporting those with visual impairments).