NHS Wandsworth Community Grants: Now Inviting Applications!

Now in its 7th year since its creation in 2012, NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group provides grant funding for small, developing, organisations within the Wandsworth voluntary and community sector to help them participate and engage with the local NHS.  

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The NHS Wandsworth Community Grants Scheme encourages small, developing, voluntary sector organisations from the Wandsworth community to create a project which can be supported by a grant of up to £2500. 

What is the Wandsworth Community Grants Scheme?

The Wandsworth Community Grants Scheme aims to support closer working relationships between small, developing, voluntary and community organisations and Wandsworth NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. Through the grant programme, including workshops and networking events, voluntary and community organisations will learn about the local NHS and develop an understanding of how their own organisation fits and contributes. We encourage potential applicants to create a new project which can be supported by a grant of up to £2,500.

Choose to address one of two themes or both:

You can apply for funding to deliver a project which responds directly to either or both of the following themes:

  • Reducing social isolation in our community.

We are keen to hear from small community and voluntary organisations who have a new idea for reducing social isolation in Wandsworth. Applications will need to describe a specific group of people they will help and include a clear description of the activities that will address loneliness and help people to feel a sense of connection with others. We encourage applications for projects that seek to test / pilot a new idea and will generate the learning needed to create a sustainable project which can be taken forward beyond the life of the grant funding.

  • Reducing barriers to healthcare access.

We are interested in supporting projects that will work with people who experience barriers when accessing healthcare for example people with sensory and/or physical impairments, cultural or social barriers or those who may not speak English as their first language. Applications will need to include a clear description of the barriers they are seeking to address and the specific groups of people they will work with. You will need to include in your application how the project will support this specific group to access healthcare. Projects that describe working with all communities are unlikely to be successful.

You can download the full guidance and application form here:

Wandsworth NHS Community Grants 2019-2020 Guidance and Application Form Spring 2019.pdf

 NHS Wandsworth_Community Grants_Guidance and Application Form_Spring 2019.docx

Completed applications must be received by Friday 14th June 2019 at 5pm and must be emailed to:


Naomi Good

Patient and Public Engagement Manager

Wandsworth NHS Clinical Commissioning Group


Community groups interested in making an application can get support prior to applying by:

Simply sending an email with the heading: Wandsworth Community Grant Scheme Guidance to naomi.good@swlondon.nhs.uk and signing up to one of two NHS Community Grant Application Advice Surgeries on either Tuesday 4th June or Thursday 6th June.

We are very pleased to announce ten awardees of the NHS Wandsworth Community Grants for 2019!

This year grants were awarded to the best project ideas addressing barriers in access to healthcare.

The successful applicants are:

·       Time to Shine Kids will provide Equine-assisted therapy session for children in Wandsworth experiencing emotional difficulties.
·       CARAS (Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) will provide educational mental health workshops for refugees and those seeking asylum.
·       Elays Network will provide intergenerational mental health and wellbeing workshops for the Muslim community.
·       Enable Health and Leisure will provide pre and post-natal classes sessions to low income families.
·       Generate will provide an 8-week programme of support for new parents with Learning Disabilities.
·       Homestart will provide a series of six professionally-facilitated group Theatre Therapy sessions with on-site childcare for 10 parents with mental or emotional health issues.
·       SEN Talk (Special Educational Needs) will provide specialised counselling for low-income parents of children with disabilities.
·       Share will begin "My Community and Me" a digital and immersive learning programme linking people with learning disabilities with local health providers, promoting take-up of screening, annual checks, health maintenance and generating awareness of how to access appropriate health services.
·       SRF (Supporting Relationships and Families) will provide creative workshops culminating in an exhibition in schools for looked after children to raise awareness of and help young people who have self-harmed.  
·       Mercy Foundation Centre will provide ESOL for Health: group activities to support people with communication and speaking English. 

For further information please contact: naomi.good@swlondon.nhs.uk


Through the scheme, voluntary and community organisations will learn about the local NHS and develop an understanding of how their own organisation contributes.

Projects are selected based on: the relationships and reach the organisation has with people whose voices are least heard, how the project aims to reach groups who have trouble in accessing healthcare in the borough and the organisations commitment to developing a relationship with the local NHS.

We invite creative and new ideas for projects that engage and empower local people. The project must be new and not a continuation of work already in place. Single events will only be supported in the context of wider project activity.

Support we have provided to community grant applicants throughout 2018-2019 includes:

  • Grant application advice surgeries

  • Presentations on meeting grant priorities and criteria

  • Networking event with grant holder alumni

  • Webinars demonstrating how to complete the form and online Q and A session on the grant priorities and criteria

  • 1-1 sessions to support people to fill out the application form

  • Visits to community groups to discuss the grants and 1-1 support to develop initial project ideas and plans

  • Proofreading of draft applications for those with dyslexia and learning disabilities 

  • Support with developing project budgets 

You can read our latest NHS Wandsworth Community Grants Report 2018-2019

You can read the 2017-2018 grantee project reports here:

For more information please email naomi.good@swlondon.nhs.uk.