NHS Wandsworth Community Grants

Now in its 7th year since its creation in 2012, NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group provides grant funding for small, developing, organisations within the Wandsworth voluntary and community sector to help them participate and engage with the local NHS.  

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The NHS Wandsworth Community Grants Scheme encourages small, developing, voluntary sector organisations from the Wandsworth community to create a project which can be supported by a grant of up to £2500. 

The Wandsworth Community Grants Scheme aims to:

  • support closer working relationships between small, developing, voluntary and community organisations and Wandsworth NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

  • address and support understanding of the needs of people who find it difficult to access healthcare.

We support projects that work with people who experience barriers when accessing healthcare for example people with sensory and/or physical impairments, cultural or social barriers or those who may not speak English as their first language. 


Through the scheme, voluntary and community organisations will learn about the local NHS and develop an understanding of how their own organisation contributes.

Projects are selected based on: the relationships and reach the organisation has with people whose voices are least heard, how the project aims to reach groups who have trouble in accessing healthcare in the borough and the organisations commitment to developing a relationship with the local NHS.

We invite creative and new ideas for projects that engage and empower local people. The project must be new and not a continuation of work already in place. Single events will only be supported in the context of wider project activity.

You can read our latest NHS Wandsworth Grant Networking Event report Wandsworth Community Grants Report 2018-2019.pdf

You can read the 2017-2018 grantee project reports here:

Wandsworth_Community Grant 2016-17_Share Community.pdf

Wandsworth_Community Grant 2017-18_Generate Report.pdf

Wandsworth_Community Grant 2017-18_Mindworks Report.pdf

Wandsworth_Community Grant 2017-18_Nicholas Stewart Project Repo.pdf

Wandsworth_Community Grant 2017-18_Sen Talk CIC Report.pdf

Wandsworth_Community Grant 2017-18_Small Steps Report.pdf

For more information please email naomi.good@swlondon.nhs.uk.