Referral Management Programme

The NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Referral Management Programme (RMP) aims to improve the quality of referrals and as a result reduce the number of patients referred inappropriately to secondary care.  The programme aims to do this by:

Improving the patient referral pathway and experience

  • Guaranteeing patient choice.
  • Treating patients as individuals with needs and concerns at very uncertain times of their lives.

Supporting GPs in decision-making

  • Software to obtain clinical expertise and advice from consultants within a 24 hour period (Kinesis).
  • Providing a central location for GPs to obtain guidance, patient information, referral forms and pathways (DXS).
  • A peer review and education structure to encourage referral discussions.

Obtaining feedback from everyone who uses the process

  • Patients.
  • GPs.
  • Trusts.
  • NHS Wandsworth CCG.
All feedback will be used as ‘continuous improvement’ to enhance the service.

 Further information

​To find out more call Programme Manager Emily O’Donnell with the contact number 020 8812 6691​

or Email

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