Planning all Care Together (PACT)

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The Planning all Care Together (PACT) programme aims to revolutionise how patients in Wandsworth with long-term conditions are cared for. It will mean patients and service users feel better and are able to live more independent lives.

PACT will make this happen through a radical redesign of community health and adult social care services, and a transformation of primary care.

Our vision is that community health and adult social care services will work as one service, from both a clinical and a patient viewpoint so that it works to help patients remain within thei​​r own home and prevent trips to hospital. Or when admission to hospital or other bed based provision is necessary to allow discharge home at the earliest opportunity.
Patients will:
  • be supported to manage their condition
  • get help to recover their independence after illness or injury
  • benefit from a comprehensive, coordinated plan of care that is communicated across health and social care
  • feel their care has been well coordinated with smooth transitions between professionals or services
  • experience fewer steps in their journey across health and social care services.

 Planning all care together - Haematology Video