Our Work

Below you will find some of our key strategies and plans including our Commissioning Strategy Plan, which guides our work and makes sure we deliver what we promise to do for you in health care.

Start with the Wandsworth five year plan on a page if you want to see our priorities.

We are transforming services within the borough and across south west London with other local Clinical Commissioning Groups, read more about all of our work in this section.


Commissioning Intentions 2015-2016 refresh.pdf
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Draft Operating Plan 2015 to 2016.pdf
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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2014.pdf
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SWL Issues Paper final for website.pdf
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Wandsworth CCG Commissioning Strategy Plan.pdf
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Wandsworth CCG Constitution 2015.pdf
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Wandsworth Five Year Plan on Page - 2014 2015.pdf
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