West Wandsworth


Registered Population: 83,072 patients (as of October 2016)
Number of Member Practices
: 8
Clinical Lead: Dr Rumant Grewal & Zoe Rose. Joint Clinical Leads
Management Lead: Tanya Stacey

The West Wandsworth Locality covers the areas of Roehampton and Putney, and the nine practices that lie in these areas.
The October 2016 GP registered population for West Wandsworth was 82,216 and is anticipated to increase over the next five years. West Wandsworth consists of a diverse demographic population, ranging from Thamesfield, an area of low deprivation with an older population, to Roehampton an area of higher deprivation and a younger population. While sharing many of the same health priorities as the rest of Wandsworth, public health analysis demonstrates that West Wandsworth also presents a range of different challenges.

Locality Practices

• The Alton Practice
• Danebury Avenue Surgery
• Heathbridge Practice
• Putneymead Medical Centre
• Roehampton Surgery
• Tudor Lodge Healthcentre
• Chartfield Surgery
• Mayfield Surgery

West Wandsworth Health Priorities 2016/17

The West Wandsworth priorities for 2016-17 build on the work and priority areas from previous years, to improve the health and wellbeing of the population and also support Wandsworth wide priorities. These are:

  • Mental Health – supporting access to mental health befriending services and developing schemes which look at physical health links to mental health
  • Social Prescribing – working with Citizens Advice Bureau to improve ease of access to non-medical advice and support
  • Childhood Immunisations – working with local Practices to improve uptake of childhood immunisations
  • Cancer Screening - working with local Practices to improve uptake of breast cancer screening
  • Men’s Health – working in conjunction with Public Health to deliver ‘Men’s Health MOTs’ and improve awareness of men’s health in local barbershops

The locality management team and Member's Forum regularly review the initiatives and action plans associated with these priorities.

Patient Engagement

West Wandsworth has an active Locality Patient Consultative Group (PCG). The group has engaged with a range of topics over the year (see below), providing feedback and input into strategy plans, consultations and the development of local services.


CCG StrategyConsultationsInformation
  • Delegated commissioning
  • Primary Care Transformation
  • South West London Issues Paper
  • Primary Care Quality
  • Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STP)
  • Wandsworth Self-Management Service: short course pilot
  • Healthwatch
  • Domestic violence
  • Referral Management Programme
  • PPI Annual Report
  • Wandsworth Self-Management Service
  • Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub


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