End of Life Care Clinical Reference Group



​People leading on the End of Life Care Clinical Reference Group:

Clinical Lead: Dr Stephen Deas

Locality Lead: Dr Marietta Swanne

Locality Lead: Dr Jennie Blackwell

Commissioning Redesign Lead: Sue Tappenden


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The End of Life Care Clinical Reference Group is chaired by Dr Stephen Deas and has been running since September 2012. The group meets approximately every six weeks with an average of 11 members at each meeting from a range of organisations within health services in Wandsworth.

The group provides a forum for commissioners and providers of end of life care to meet on a regular basis and discuss how best to improve services for patients with end of life care needs and their families.

Our initial focus has been to educate all members around the breadth and depth of services and care being provided for end of life patients, as well as to share intelligence and information about good practice, delivering services and initiatives elsewhere.

Coordinate My Care

This is a fairly new clinical system which has now been now fully implemented across Wandsworth.

Coordinate My Care holds patient care plans. These are electronic forms completed by a patient with their healthcare professional. It records the patient's wishes and preferences for their treatment and care to allow them to live well in their last stages of life.

More information is available at: www.coordinatemycare.co.uk

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