Diabetes Clinical Reference Group



People who lead on the Diabetes Clinical Reference Group:

Clinical Lead:  Dr Neil Bamford   

Locality Lead: Dr Sachin Patel

Locality Lead:  

Patient Representation: Yes

Public Health Consultant: Sue Odams​

Prescribing Leads: Rajiv Dhir

Programme Lead: Leena Sevak

Support for people with Diabetes in Wandsworth:

Patient Support Group

If you have recently found out you or a family member has diabetes then it can often take time to adjust and you probably have lots of questions. Our patient group can offer understanding, help and support with other people who have been through a similar situation.

Our group gives people living with diabetes and their families a chance to meet and share experiences with others. It is run by volunteers and meets on a regular basis often with a speaker on a topic like diet or exercise.

Email ppi@wandsworthccg.nhs.uk for more information.



This section contains links to useful websites and patient leaflets and resources.

Check out this video for an alternative view of living with Type 1 Diabetes:


Other websites to visit for more information:

Diabetes UK




InDependent Diabetes Trust




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    Walking to work can reduce risk of diabetes

    Here's another reason to ditch the car keys and put on your trainers. Walking to work each day could cut your chances of developing diabetes, claim researchers. ...Read More

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    The Diabetes Clinical Reference Group (CRG) is a clinically led working group with a membership that includes Wandsworth GPs and practice staff, community and hospital doctors, specialist nurses and therapists, commissioning/project management as well as patients, carers and Wandsworth Council representation.

    Dr Neil Bamford is a GP in the Wandle Locality.  As Clinical Lead for Diabetes, Dr Bamford chairs the Diabetes CRG which meets every eight weeks. Jane French is Commissioning Lead for Diabetes and is the management lead for the Diabetes CRG.

    The Diabetes CRG aims to make sure that the people of Wandsworth receive the best possible services in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and are given the support they need to manage their condition to stay as healthy as possible.

    Diabetes is a common lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high. In the UK, approximately three million people are affected by diabetes. There are also thought to be around 850,000 people with undiagnosed diabetes.

    Diabetes can cause various symptoms. Symptoms common to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes include:

    • Feeling very thirsty
    • Urinating frequently, particularly at night
    • Feeling very tired
    • Weight loss and loss of muscle bulk     

    Use the link below to assess your risk of type 2 diabetes.   If you are worried that you have any symptoms of diabetes then please visit your GP.


    We are working with Diabetes UK and Wandsworth Council to recruit for Wandsworth Diabetes Champions.  

    Listen to Dr Neil Bamford's interview with Wandsworth Radio​ on how Diabetes Champions can help fight diabetes in Wandsworth

    ​Listen to Dr Neil Bamford's interview with Croydon Radio talking about what being a Diabetes Champion entails.