Cancer Clinical Reference Group

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People leading on the Cancer Clinical Reference Group:

Clinical Lead: Dr Owen Carter

Locality Lead: Dr Ames

Locality Lead: Dr Maria Wallace

Commissioning Redesign Manager: Jatinder Bhuhi          

Public Health Lead: Amanda Cranston / Chrystal Greenwood

Commissioning Redesign Lead: Jatinder Bhuhi

Support services for people with cancer and their families:​

Paul's Cancer Support Centre

Wandsworth CCG commissions Paul's Cancer Support Centre to help anyone who has been affected by cancer living in Wandsworth. This includes not just people who have cancer but also those who have a family member or friend with the disease as well as healthcare professionals.

1st Floor
20-22 York Road
SW11 3QA
Tel: 020 7924 3924


Cancer CRG Patient-Carer Application Form.pdf
Coping with Cancer Stress 2013.pdf
Get Active Poster 2013.pdf
Job Description  for Cancer CRG PPI Reps-Feb 2016.pdf
LCA patient and public representative information pack.pdf
Prostate Cancer Community Education Group poster.pdf
Prostate Cancer Support leaflet.pdf
St George’s Mindfulness Courses 2013-14.pdf
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There is a huge variety of resources available online for people with cancer, worried about cancer symptoms and/or their families. Visit to find out more.

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    Currently more than 1 in 3 people in the UK will be affected by cancer at some point in their lifetime (Cancer Research UK). This number is predicted to rise to 1 in 2 people by 2020 but, as this number rises, so does the number of potential treatments for cancer and it is predicted by the time we reach this number almost 40% of patients affected by cancer will not die from it (Macmillan - Cured but at what cost?).

    In the UK, the outcomes for cancer are amongst the worst in Europe and one of the reasons for this is diagnosis at a late stage. The Government has made it a priority to improve these statistics and has committed to saving 5,000 lives from cancer by 2015.

    In Wandsworth Cancer is the leading cause of death for people aged under 75 and, whilst in other areas deaths from caner are going down, statistics show that in Wandsworth this number is rising.

    Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to achieving earlier diagnosis of cancer and improved outcomes for sufferers by:

    • Raising awareness of the early signs and symptoms of cancer
    • Improving the uptake of cancer screening among the local population
    • Working with local GP practices and hospitals to improve education, access to diagnostic tests and more streamlined referral processes for people with suspected cancer

    We hope you find this section of the website useful.  Currently it is in the early stages of development but we hope to build a good selection of useful resources and educational links. Please feel free to give us feedback and suggest anything you feel would be useful for us to include.