Personal Health Budget

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What is a Personal Health Budget?

A personal health budget (PHB) is the amount of NHS money available to meet an individual's health and wellbeing needs. 

Adults eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and the parents of children and young people eligible for NHS Continuing Care have the "right to have" a personal health budget, including a direct payment for health care (DP for health care).  People with learning disability may request PHB subject to local agreement.

PHBs support the vision of a more personalised, patient-focused NHS, and offer additional opportunities for health care professionals and people to work in partnership, making shared decisions and actively co-designing services and support. 

A PHB will allow an individual to purchase services, support and activities to achieve the health and wellbeing outcomes agreed with the NHS.​

Who can have a Personal Health Budget in Wandsworth?

NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group offers personal health budgets to the following:

  • adults eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare
  • parents of children and young people eligible for NHS Continuing Care
  • people with learning disability, autism and/or  behaviour that challenges ​

Wandsworth CCG Personal Health Policy

This policy outlines the principles for achieving the implementation of personal health budgets including Local Offer in 2016/17 - See more at here. ​

Further information:

  • For more information contact Wandsworth CCG on 0208 812 6600
  • For information about continuing healthcare in Wandsworth, click here​
  • Other places you can find helpful information on Personal Health Budgets and Personal Budgets   This link will take you to the NHS England PHB website, where you can find lots of information about PHBs and how they are being introduced in England.  This link will take you to the homepage of in Control – a charity and social enterprise which has played a very important role in the introduction of personal budgets and personal health budgets in England.   This link will take you to peoplehub – a national organisation run by and for people with personal health budgets.  You can make contact with the network, and get in touch with other people with personal health budgets.