Individual service user learning disability and mental health placement

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What is an individual service user learning disability and mental health placement?

An individual service user learning disability and mental health placements are for people who have learning disability and/or mental health, may require placement in a rehabilitation, residential step down and community support services​

What are types of placement?

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group commissions three main types of placements:​

  • Acute inpatient and/or assessment and treatment services provide high quality, multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled treatment to people whose health care needs cannot be managed in their own homes due to their level of complexity, intensity and unpredictability. Inpatient services are for people whose health needs require specialist investigation, assessment and intervention. An individual will be admitted to an inpatient bed, wherever possible, in their Wandsworth or the surrounding area. However when clinically necessary and to ensure that treatment is provided without delay, they may be admitted to a bed outside in south west London area.

  • Residential Rehabilitation - Rehabilitation services provide long-term care and support to service users with ongoing learning disability and mental health needs in 24 hour staffed placements, either in inpatient units or the community. Rehabilitation services provide intensive therapeutic treatments to help people develop independent living skills and improve their quality of life
  • Supported living accommodation are for people with mental health and /or learning disabilities who own or rent their home and have control over the support they get, who they live with (if anyone) and how they live their lives. Supported living assumes that individuals are able to make choices about how to live their lives even if the person does not make choices in conventional ways

Who is eligible for Mental Health and /or Learning Disability Placement?

Wandsworth resident who has diagnosis of a mental health and/or learning disability issue and who also is registered with a Wandsworth GP practice​.​

Referral Process ​

The Individual Service User Mental Health and Learning Disability Placement Panel is responsible for considering individual applications for funding of care and treatment outside of contracted activity (spot purchased placements) with the local mental health trust.

The Panel will accept the following referrals from mental health professionals:

  • Individual funding requests for adults with mental health and learning disability needs which cannot be met by currently commissioned services such as Westmoor and Thrale House.
  • Where additional time limited specialist health intervention is required on top of existing commissioned services
  • Where there is no commissioning policy in place; Wandsworth CCG considering that the treatment would need to be commissioned outside the borough. 

The Panel will NOT accept referrals for: ​​

  • Service developments
  • Funding for care home placements except for service users on a Ministry of Justice pathway

 Download referral form WCCG Funding Request Template. 

Further information

You may contact our Wandsworth Mental Health and Learning Disability Team on email or telephone 0208 812 6600