Staff in the Community


​​Wandsworth CCG is firmly committed to encouraging employees to get involved in supporting the local community. As part of its commitment to community engagement, Wandsworth CCG has established a scheme, which enables members of staff to take part in a wide range of voluntary opportunities in the loca​l community.

Volunteering offers an opportunity to actively contribute to the communities in which we work (and may also live) and everyone is encouraged to get involved in volunteering projects. The scheme offers each member of staff up to one working day or eight hours for full time staff (pro rota for part time) spread over the year for volunteering activities in the local community.

Our staff have a variety of skills and knowledge and the CCG recognise the valuable contribution that each of them could make to support a community or voluntary sector organisation in its service delivery or strategic development.

A skill share network database is being collated with the skills staff feel they can share within local organisations such as marketing, information technology, finance, project management, event planning, administration and human resources, however staff are also being encouraged to volunteer their passion of personal hobbies i.e. baking, sports, gardening, dancing, fitness, musical interest , etc.​

You as the community will gain access to a diverse range of skills and knowledge held by staff at the CCG, whilst staff get the chance to make an impact on a cause that they care about, build on existing skills, develop new ones and increase their awareness of the local community.

If you would like​ to receive support from our staff, please click here​ to complete a short questionnaire​​