PPI with GP practices

All 41 of our GP member practices provide input into how the CCG commissions services. To strengthen this involvement, the Public Involvement Clinical Lead held a workshop for primary care staff to gather their experiences of doing patient and public involvement. Responses from the workshop highlighted several positive and negative aspects of involving patients and the public. From this feedback, a plan has been developed for General Practice called Productive Patient and Public Involvement. Here, staff members are encouraged to consider the patients’ perspective of accessing healthcare, with the question ‘What is it like for you to experience the service that I am giving you at this moment in time?’

The Productive PPI plan has also been expanded to include the practice’s community and seldom heard group visits, patient participation groups, implementation of the Accessible Information Standard, and several other elements. The concept is represented by the Productive PPI Umbrella below

ppi with gp.png
"We are inviting carers to talk to us about accessible information needs the patients they look after may have, along with their own needs. We are developing a carer's newsletter, that details support information for them on a quarterly basis and linking them to external organisations such as Wandsworth Carers…" GP practice staff member, 2017

Community and Seldom Heard Group GP Visit Programme

Community and voluntary organisations have been crucial not only for the development of patient and public involvement but in providing clinical staff with opportunities to engage with Wandsworth's diverse communities. Complementing the Community and Seldom Heard Grant Scheme, GP practices are encouraged to visit community and voluntary organisations to better understand the health and wellbeing concerns of hard-to-reach groups. So far, 29 GP practices have visited a total of 17 organisations, with documents and anecdotal evidence showing increased levels of enthusiasm alongside a better understanding of patient insight and community involvement. 

ppi draft summary template draft 2017.docx