How to get involved

If you or someone that that you know would like to get involved in shaping health and wellbeing activities in Wandsworth, you can do so through the group below:  

Patient and Public Involvement Reference Group (PPI RG)

Meets every other month.

Wandsworth CCG has aimed to provide our stakeholders with timely, appropriate, and accessible information about local health and care services that could affect them. Essential to this has been the PPI Reference Group, made up of members from Patient Participation Groups, Patient Consultative Groups, representatives from community and faith groups, and individual stakeholders. This year, the group has become a strong source for co-production; several members are now working with commissioners and Public Health colleagues to develop separate projects, with the knowledge from these being fed back at PPI Reference Group meetings.

Thinking Partners Group (TPG)

Meets every other month.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion play an important role in Wandsworth CCG's plan to reduce health inequalities. The Thinking Partners Group has been tasked with supporting these objectives, and is made of staff, patients, carers, local residents, Healthwatch Wandsworth, and community and voluntary sector organisations. While the group regularly challenges commissioners on how they are reducing health inequalities, they also support them through their knowledge of the Public Sector Equality Duty, Accessible Information Standard, and nine protected characteristics.

Patient Consultative Groups

Meets every month.

Wandsworth CCG has continued to expand patient and public involvement in our three Localities of Wandle, Battersea and west Wandsworth. Each locality includes a Patient Consultative Group, formed of members from individual Practice Participation Groups.  These groups ensure that GP surgeries and other local organisations are listening to the needs of patients, service users, and the public through providing advice and guidance. The Patient Consultative Groups have recently provided feedback to Public Health, Wandsworth Borough Council and the CCG on topics such as end of life care, mental health services, and airText. This input has subsequently been shared with project and programme leads, ensuring that any recommendations are considered in commissioning activities.

Several members of the public have also shared their Patient Participation Groups achievements with us, such as creating patient experience surveys, practice newsletters, and promoting healthy lifestyles. While these activities have positively influenced GP practices and the CCG, they also demonstrate how involvement is often being driven by empowered patients and not the CCG.

Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs)

Meets once every quarter

Led by GPs, our Clinical Reference Groups are where health and care professionals, patients, carers, and providers come together to develop projects. Over the past few years, the Patient and Public Involvement Clinical Lead has had discussions with groups on what support they require to reinforce patient and public involvement. The emerging themes included measuring patient and public involvement, cost-effective engagement, and the Accessible Information Standard. Due to this feedback, the PPI Team now attends Clinical Reference Groups to offer support, ensuring that CRGs have sufficient capacity and capability to deliver meaningful involvement. The evidence for each of the CRG's patient and public involvement activities can be seen in their own board reports.

Men's Health Forum (MHF)

Meets twice a year

The Men's Health Forum has been set up by the Thinking Partners Group to address the relative lack of men engaging in health activities. This year, the Men's Health Forum has created publicity materials, online Man MOTs, and held public meetings to encourage men to proactively manage their healthcare. The Men's Health Forum has also delivered training for people to become Men's Health Ambassadors, to signpost ways for men to access health and wellbeing services. We are now spreading this learning to some of our community and voluntary sector groups, with an aim to increasing participation from different communities. 

Youth Health Jury (YHJ)

health jury.jpg

Meets twice a year

The Youth Health Jury is a group run by people aged 16 to 24, with an aim to influence the way young people's healthcare services are commissioned and delivered in Wandsworth. This year, the group has provided an opportunity for young people to play a part in the co-production of public services, meet new people, and develop essential leadership skills. Several members of the Youth Health Jury have gone onto health- related degrees and jobs.

Community and Seldom Heard Grant Scheme (SHG)

Now in its sixth year of operation, the Community and Seldom Heard Grant Scheme has been set up to facilitate conversations between Wandsworth CCG and local organisations. The project has been supported by the Voluntary Sector Coordinator, with 13 organisations being awarded grants this year. Through using an asset-based approach, we have looked at how the community can collaborate with the CCG in identifying and reducing health inequalities whilst promoting wellbeing. These groups have also become valuable engagement channels, allowing the CCG to cascade information to groups we often struggle to reach through our existing methods.

A number of groups have used the scheme as a network to develop new partnerships and projects with other grant recipients, demonstrating how the scheme is growing informally.

Learning Lunches

Last year we began an initiative to bring together community and voluntary organisations with Wandsworth CCG through lunchtime presentations. This has allowed commissioners to learn more about health inequalities, and how local organisations can help in reducing these. As community and voluntary sector organisations often have in-depth knowledge about certain conditions, cultures, and disabilities, staff are also encouraged to get more involved through planning their own visits.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the meetings listed above, please contact us through the details below. Alternatively, you are welcome to come along and visit us at the CCG, located in East Putney. Please ensure you have let us know prior to coming along, as the team often works in different community locations.

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