Community and Seldom Heard grants

Now in its fifth year since its creation in 2012, the Community and Seldom Heard Grant Scheme facilitates conversations between Wandsworth CCG and local organisations.  

Through using an asset-based approach, we have looked at how the community can collaborate with the CCG in identifying and reducing health inequalities whilst promoting wellbeing.

The scheme is supported by the CCG funded Voluntary Sector Coordinator, with 13 organisations being awarded grants this year. 

These groups have also become valuable engagement channels, allowing the CCG to cascade information to groups we often struggle to reach through our existing methods. 


A number of groups have used the scheme as a network to develop new partnerships and projects with other grant recipients, demonstrating how the scheme is growing informally. 

The feedback from these groups has been that due to a lack of capacity and training, they often struggle to measure the real differences they have made to local communities. To address these concerns and contribute to the development of these organisations, the CCG is currently working with grant recipients to plan a training session. This session will aim to provide guidance on how groups can apply for funding, use social media and technology to promote and grow their work, and evaluate the health and wellbeing impact of their activities.

Grant recipients

Over the past year, the following groups have been awarded grants averaging £1500 to provide advice, support, and advocacy services

  • Baked Bean Theatre Company
  • Wandsworth Access Association
  • Share Community
  • 60+ Cafe
  • RCCG the King's Court
  • The Somali Community Advancement Organisation (SCAO)
  • Mimosa
  • Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia 
  • The Hope Project, Tooting Neighbourhood Centre
  • Aurora
  • A2ndVoice
  • Women of Wandsworth (WOW)
  • Be Enriched

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