PPI Resource Centre & Toolkit

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 The Toolkit

The techniques set out in the toolkit can be used in any aspect of PPI work and are there to support your thinking, provide you with skills and improve your interaction with patients and the public.

We hope that this resource centre and toolkit is useful to help you develop your relationship with people who use your services. Please make sure you share examples of your successful work.

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 The Resource Centre

The resource centre below will provide you with a wide range of up to date information about PPI in Wandsworth to support your projects.​



Welcome to NHS Wandsworth CCG’s Patient and Public Involvement Resource Centre and Toolkit.

This section has been designed to help health professionals and our partners to involve and engage with Wandsworth patients, carers and service users.

We also hope that patients, service users and Wandsworth residents will use the resource centre to find out how they can become more involved in the local NHS.

Patient and public involvement (PPI) is a key principle that underpins the NHS. We want to demonstrate that local people are involved in how we commission or buy services that people need in the borough as well as how we improve local services. 

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