Men's Health Forum

mens.jpgHow we live our lives can have a serious negative impact on our health. It doesn't have to be like that. We can do something about this in order to have a better quality of life.

That's why here in Wandsworth we have set up the Men's Health Forum. A group that helps men find out about common health conditions and encourages them to looking after their health.

Our work has included research into the attitudes local men have about their health and getting treatment. We found many men delayed seeking treatment because they feel they are too busy or feel they could 'deal with it' on their own. Others preferred to rely on the internet for health information and advice. This can be dangerously misleading.

The forum is open to all male residents in the borough and is supported by Wandsworth NHS.

We hold information meetings and conduct research into the main health conditions affecting all types of men. We are also looking into hosting social events in order to get our message across Wandsworth.

We work with other public bodies to get health information to where it is needed. They have included; Social Gatherings, Churches, Temples & Mosques, Sports Clubs and in the workplace. 

 Further Information

​To find out more about Men's Health Forum in Wandsworth, please email the PPI Team: