Conflict of Interest Register

GP Practices form the membership of the CCG, and as they take responsibility for the new statutory body they are managing real and perceived conflicts of interest.

What are conflicts of interest and why do they matter to clinical commissioners?

A conflict of interest can be defined as:

“a set of conditions in which professional judgement concerning a primary interest (such as patients’ welfare or the validity of research) tends to be unduly influenced by secondary interest (such as financial gain)” or a situation in which “one’s ability to exercise judgement in one role is impaired by one’s obligation in another”

For a GP or other clinical commissioner a conflict of interest may arise when their own judgment as an NHS commissioner could be, or is perceived to be, influenced by their own concerns and obligations as a healthcare provider or as a member of a particular peer, professional or special interest group. This would also include a close family member.

The Gifts and Hospitality Declaration of Interest Register for CCG members is below; it is updated every six months.

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